Contest Rules

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For any disputes of interpretation, reference is made to the document in Italian.

Conad Soc . Coop. , with registered office in Via Michelino 59, 40127 Bologna, VAT number 03320960374, (hereinafter ” Conad “) promotes, in collaboration with Umbria Jazz Participatory Foundation Piazza Danti 28 06122 Perugia Fiscal code and VAT number 03089270544, the tenth edition of the Conad Jazz Contest, a musical competition reserved for young Italian musicians or musicians residing in Italy – groups (instrumental or with vocalists) and soloists – who propose projects within a jazz repertoire of various genres and styles, without excluding contaminations (hereinafter ” Contest “).

Participation in the Contest is open to soloists and bands aged 18 to 28, Italian nationality is required for at least one of the members of the band , free from record or publishing contracts in progress .

With regard to the age limit, the following will therefore be able to participate:

  1. soloists aged 18 or over at the time of entry;
  2. soloists aged 28 or under at the time of entry;
  3. groups in which the age limit is respected by each individual member of the band, according to the same specifications indicated for soloists.

As far as bands are concerned, the participation of groups of up to a maximum of 8 members is allowed .

Registration for the Contest will be open from 17 April 2023 at 11.00 (Central European Time) to 21 May 2023 at 23.59 (Central European Time). The popular vote will begin on 22 May 2023 and the Contest will close on 12 June 2023 .

Participants will be able to register no later than 21 May 2023 on the website . Registration is completely free.

Under penalty of exclusion from the Contest, each competitor must:

  1. fill in the registration form, entering the following data: name of the group; name and surname of the individual components (as shown on the identity document); tax code of the individual components; musical instrument played by each component; place and date of birth of each member; citizenship and residence of all components; contacts for the organization in case of victory (name and surname of the contact person, telephone number, main e-mail address and backup e-mail address, to which the group will be contacted in the event that communications to the first address are not answered) ; technical registration form (photo of the group; title, authors and duration of the uploaded pieces);
  2. upload a double-sided copy of the identity document of each component (identity card or passport; the driving license will not be considered a valid document);
  3. upload the “group release”, completed in block letters and signed by all members.
  4. upload no. 3 tracks in audio-only format (.mp3);
  5. declare – by ticking the appropriate box – that these songs are free from record or publishing contracts in progress. The entrant declares and guarantees that the uploaded songs do not violate nor will they violate in any way any right, internal and/or international law aimed at protecting copyright and defending the industrial property rights of third parties. With this declaration, the competitor indemnifies Conad from any damage, prejudice and/or contingent liability that may derive therefrom.
  6. the Competitor must read the Privacy Information on the website ) and sign the explicit acceptance of the regulatory provisions and consent to the processing of personal data

The process for identifying the winners will see the joint action of 3 juries :

  • a technical jury made up of musicians and experts, which will evaluate all the participants in the Contest (see point 1.a of this article);
  • a popular jury open to all , which will also express its preference over all members (see point 1.b of this article);
  • an artistic jury chaired by Paolo Fresu and composed of musicians and experts, who will express themselves after the selections have been completed to identify the absolute winner of the Contest (see point 2 of this article).


Below is a detailed description of the voting and selection dynamics.



All participants in the Contest will be evaluated by two juries: a technical jury and a popular jury.


  1. a) The technical jury

The technical jury made up of musicians and experts will listen to all the songs uploaded, nominating 9 finalists out of a total of 10 expected . However, the technical jury reserves the right to identify a number of bands lower than 9 if it is not satisfied with the technical and artistic quality of the proposals received.


  1. b) The popular jury

The popular jury , open to all , will select 1 of the 10 finalists , casting their vote on the website .

To be part of the popular jury, it will be necessary to register on the site by entering a unique email address and a unique mobile phone number, which will be used only and exclusively for purposes connected and instrumental to the Contest (for details, please refer to the Privacy Policy uploaded on the website ).

Each registered user will be able to express their preference through a single vote system (one band, one vote), expressing up to a maximum of 10 votes (for the same band or for different bands).

Voting by the popular jury will be open from 22 May at 11.00 (Central European Time) and closed at 23.59 on 12 June 2023 (Central European Time).

It should be noted that the public will be able to vote for each of the groups entered in the Contest for the entire opening period of voting.

At the close of voting, the most voted single group or soloist , in addition to entering the shortlist of 10 finalists, will win the prize of the popular jury (art. 6 point 3).

Should the popular vote coincide with that of the technical jury, the jury itself will identify a further name.



The 10 finalists identified in this way will win the opportunity to perform within the of ficial program of Umbria Jazz 50th anniversary , from Friday 7 July to Sunday 16 July , according to a calendar that will be defined in relation to the official program of the event and will be communicated to those interested a few days before the date of the exhibition.

During the performances, the artists will be evaluated live by the Artistic Jury chaired by Paolo Fresu , who will judge the competitors based on the originality of the project and the technical and artistic quality of the execution and will decide the absolute winner of the edition at its sole discretion. 2023 .

The aforementioned performances will be organised, in compliance with timing consistent with the safe management of the situation that has arisen, with methods that will be communicated to the finalists through the contacts provided by them during registration and through the website


The 10 finalists – as described in the previous article – will win the opportunity to perform within the of ficial program of Umbria Jazz ’23 (Perugia, 7-16 July). They will also receive an artist pass that will allow them to attend the Umbria Jazz concerts that will take place at the Santa Giuliana Arena.



The winner of the artistic jury (see art. 5 point 2) will win the following awards.



A cash prize worth 5,000 euros as a form of support for a musical career.



The winner will be invited to play in L’Aquila on the occasion of the “Italian Jazz for L’Aquila”, one of the largest jazz events in our country, promoted in collaboration with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and testimony of the support concrete of the artists to the civil, social and cultural reconstruction of the capital of Abruzzo.



In the months following the Festival, the Umbria Jazz organization will promote a concert tour of the winner, indicatively consisting of 3-5 stages in autumn 2023, according to a calendar to be defined and agreed upon. The concerts may be hosted by jazz clubs and festivals in Italy and/or in the calendar of activities of some of the most important academic institutions and universities in the country.



The winner will finally be included in the lineup of UJ Weekend (Terni, 14-17 September 2023) and Umbria Jazz Winter #30 (Orvieto, 28 December 2023 – 1 January 2024).



The winner will also receive promotion during the entire tour on the official social channels of the Contest ( instagram and Facebook: çconadjazzcontest )



For the most voted by the popular jury (v. art. 5, point 1b), a voucher worth 500 euros to be spent by the end of 2023 in a professional recording studio (of the winner’s choice) for the record your own album.

Should the winner coincide with that of the artistic jury, the popular jury prize will be awarded to the second most voted group or soloist by the online community.



Finally, also for the 2023 edition, the promoters are giving away participation in the Berklee Summer School at Umbria Jazz Clinics 2024, which will be assigned at the sole discretion of the technical and artistic juries to the single musician deemed most promising, chosen from all those registered for the Contest , without distinction between soloists and groups.

The shortlist of the 10 selected groups will be communicated directly to the finalists – following the closure of the online voting – through the contacts indicated during registration for the Contest. The list will then be published on the website and on the Facebook and Instagram pages. The same procedure will be followed in the next phase to announce the calendar of exhibitions. The promoters also reserve the right to make the names of the finalists and winners public through communication actions after the closure of the Contest itself, aimed at reporting the results of the initiative and promoting the programming of the Festival.

To formalize the victory and for communication needs, each selected group will be required to promptly send the following materials.

  • A short bio /curriculum of the group (max. 1,500 characters).
  • One or high resolution photo.
  • For the purposes of the performance, stage plot, technical data sheet and track list.

The Umbria Jazz Participatory Foundation will take care of the travel expenses, Conad will take care of the internal transfers (return shuttle to the concert locations ) – and of the hospitality and meals of the 10 finalists in Perugia (accommodation for all the components for 2 nights, on the day of the performance and on the previous one).

As far as travel is concerned, the organization will guarantee the return trip of all the members of the band from the same city in Italy on the same date. Any extra transfers compared to those described (e.g. departing from different cities or on a different date) will be charged to the group.

The exact date and time of the performances at Umbria Jazz – or on other occasions/events indicated in these Regulations – of the 10 finalists – from 7 July to 16 July 2023 – will be communicated to those interested a few days before the performance and will depend on the official calendar of the event. The program communicated to the finalists will therefore be considered closed and not subject to change.

The groups must present themselves with the utmost punctuality at the times and places communicated by the Organization for the sound-check and the performance, bringing with them a valid identification document and the instruments necessary for their performance, with the exception of piano, drums and double bass.

In the face of proven impediments related to the date of the assigned performance, the substitution of members of the band is allowed (with respect to what is indicated at the time of registration), in any case to an extent less than 50 percent of the formation. For example, a band composed of 3 elements can replace at most one component. Substitute members will also have to respect the same age constraints as for members.

In the event that one or more finalist groups renounce the opportunity to perform at Umbria Jazz for personal and contingent reasons, the Technical Jury reserves the right to identify substitutes.

By giving up the performance at Umbria Jazz, the artists also give up the other prizes provided.

The prize of the Popular Jury will be an exception, in order to respect the wishes of the voting public: in the event that the winner of the Popular Jury abandons the performance at Umbria Jazz, the right of the group to the voucher worth 500 euros will remain unaffected. for recording your album.

Participation in the Contest implies full and complete acceptance of these regulations. The Competitor declares and guarantees that the songs uploaded do not violate nor will they violate in any way any right, internal or international law aimed at protecting the author’s right and the intellectual or industrial property rights of third parties. With this declaration, the Competitor indemnifies Conad and its successors in title from any contingent liability that may arise and from any direct or indirect liability towards third parties who may consider themselves injured by their performance or by false declarations regarding the pieces.

The Competitor also implicitly authorizes Conad to associate the band’s name with the name or trademark of the promoter and all commercial and media partners of the Contest. Conad also declines all responsibility for damage, accidents, theft or any unforeseen event to things or people that should occur before , during or after the event for facts beyond the control of the organizers themselves.

By accepting these regulations, the groups/bands authorize the audio/video footage taken during the event and declare that they have nothing to claim from Conad and the Umbria Jazz Participation Foundation for the dissemination of images and audio of the performances, carried out both directly and indirectly through technical partners involved in the Festival (television or radio broadcasters, photographers , web partners) by issuing and signing the relative release. The Organization reserves the right to produce, at the end of the initiative, further phonographic and paper supports containing the songs uploaded on the website at the time of the candidacy. By registering and accepting these regulations, the artists grant as of now the authorization to include their own songs in the promotional material. The right of the author/s of the song/songs to the intellectual property and to its registration with the SIAE at his/her own care, cost, burden and responsibility remains unaffected.

For the purpose of carrying out the Contest, Conad and the Competitor mutually undertake to comply with all obligations set out in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 concerning the “protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data” (hereinafter GDPR), as well as, within the limits of its applicability, Legislative Decree 196/2003 (hereinafter ” Privacy Code “) and the provisions of the Authority for the protection of personal data.

For more information, consult the Privacy Policy .

The Organization reserves the right to intervene on these regulations, making additions and/or modifications that may be necessary for reasons of an artistic, technical or organizational nature. However, any changes will be promptly communicated online on the website

Winners of previous editions, in the same formation, will not be admitted to the Contest. On the other hand, the registration of individual artists who have already taken part in previous editions is allowed, provided that they are in different formations and provided that the songs uploaded are different from those presented previously, always in compliance with all the other participation criteria set out in the regulation.

There is no provision for an artist to participate in more than one formation at the same time.

All those who collaborate in various capacities in the organization of the Contest and the Festival, as well as relatives and in- laws of members of the artistic and/or technical jury, the staff of Umbria Jazz and the organizers of the Contest are excluded from the competition.

In the presence of such incompatibilities or other violations that may affect the regularity of the Contest, the organization may at any time take the appropriate measures to protect the correct running of the competition.

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